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Narada storage project of internet plus smart energy system in operation
Jul 17,2017

Hangzhou, China, June, 2017 — A few days ago, the storage project of internet plus smart energy system has been finally put into operation in Tian-Gong international industrial park, which marks Narada has opened a new era in storage application of power peak-shaving and electricity improvement for industrial enterprises.


The interior apperance of Narada storage project

This project is located in Danyang city, Jiangsu Province, with capacity scale of 100MWh (the first phase: 1MW/8MWh). It is installed by containers, set in 240 square meters, with 10 years expected design life, whose main function is peak-shaving, improvement of power quality, quick respond to demand of grid, backup power source for emergency. So it can reduce peak loads by providing electricity in peak hours with stored power in valley time, meanwhile it also ensure power provision when any breakdown happens on grid.

The storage system has been connected with interactive platform of grid storage in Jiangsu province, can be involved in demand response by receiving planned instructions from the platform, so that multiple value and profitable incomes can be realized to reduce payback period of storage project, and also to promote efficiency of its comprehensive utilization.


The exterior apperance of Narada storage project

There are two benefit of such storage project: firstly, it can create a certain profit from incentive policy of grid for execution of demand response, and secondly it will highly improve quality of electricity for more safe and stable power consumption.

In Tian-Gong industrial park, there are so many precision equipment, sophisticatedly interconnected together, with extremely tight continuity in production procedure, thus the electricity with better quality is highly required in this park. For this reason, this project has been equipped with DVR device (Dynamic Voltage Restorer) for seamless power switch within 1ms when any abnormality occurs on grid, which means it can swiftly realize voltage respond, to make sure normal operation of those sensitive loads, which will totally solve all pain points during power consumption in Tian-Gong industrial park.

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