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Jun 23,2017


Narada Power Source Co. Ltd. is an international energy company specialised in storage solutions for both residential and large-scale projects. Founded in 1994, it had a turnover in 2016 of almost US$1.3bn and a contracted storage capacity over 800 MWh. At the 10th Energy Storage World Forum, which took place on 10 May in Berlin, Ms Alice Zheng, Deputy General Manager of Narada Overseas BU, gave a speech on the company’s lead-carbon storage solutions. Offering a comprehensive introduction to Narada’s innovative lead-carbon battery energy storage system, the presentation highlighted the company’s wealth of experience in commercial energy storage projects, attracting much attention from the utilities, transmission and distribution system operators, regulators, government officials and sector experts attending the event.

Energy storage is one of the key technologies applied to smart grids, distributed generation, renewable energy integration, microgrids and the development of electric vehicles. In large-scale renewable power generation, energy storage is applied to peak shaving to smooth the variable and intermittent power output. In “behind-the-meter” applications, energy storage can be used to improve the reliability of the electricity supply by shifting peak demand to off-peak periods. This has lead to a shift in the traditional power system, by effectively reducing peak capacity and increasing the use of generators. As regards transmission and distribution lines, energy storage has improved the integration of renewables, facilitating their intensive development and usage.

2016 marked the start of a new era in the commercial application of energy storage and the Chinese market is expected to boom in 2017 and 2018.

As one of the sector leaders, Narada has made a quantum leap in lithium-ion technology, lead-carbon technology, energy storage solution innovation and marketing development. By the end of 2016, Narada had already completed and contracted energy storage systems of over 800 MWh for various applications including peak shaving, frequency regulation and renewable energy integration. The company is undertaking projects all over the world in countries including China, India, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia and Pakistan.

Narada has shown great confidence and ambition in the commercial deployment of energy storage systems. As Narada’s CEO Mr. Chen Bo commented: “In future, as the cost per kWh continues to reduce, Narada will keep carrying forward the complete business model “Investment + Operation” in energy storage systems commercialisation, contributing to the sustainable development of energy for the whole world through ongoing innovation, technology improvement and the sale of smart energy.”

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