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Battery Cabinet

The Narada Coolstar battery is designed to protect VRLA type lead acid batteries in telecommunication and photovoltaic energy storage applications against stressful ambient temperature conditions.

The Coolstar's energy efficient operation allows to significantly reduce equipment-cooling costs by targeting the thermal management efforts directly toward the 48V batteries. It will minimize air conditioning energy costs of radio base stations by splitting the thermal management into natural ventilation and forced cooling. Coolstar is ideal for countries with hot or tropical climate and for any location where cooling/heating energy is at a premium and its consumption has to be minimized. 

The Coolstar cabinet has been designed on the basis of extensive CFD simulations of cell layout and airflow pattern.

1. Cooling capacity and air flow


Keeping the battery temperature below 25°C is important to the battery life.

Uniformity of the batteries' temperature is a priority.

Cooling must be adjusted based on different scenarios.

Hydrogen management is a key concern for safe operation.


2. Patented universal rack design


3. This is universal rack design, which can be used for many serieses batteries.



4. Narada Coolstar (OPzV type) application in Peru Beach, South America



5. Narada Coolstar (REX type) application in UAE desert, MEA



6. Technical Features

• Up to 95% power saving compared to traditional, A/C based, thermal management solution.

• Interchangeable visual display service adapter. Cooling temperature can be freely set from +18℃ to +28℃ C to optimize the energy consumption

• Cabinet and cooling system rated for -40℃ to +50℃ service

• Designed for easily installation and maintenance

• Completely gas release safety protected according to EN50272-2 and IEC 62485-2

• Minimizing battery temperature differences to less than 3℃ after being stabilized

• Universal rack design applicable for Narada REX series,Ares(OPzV) series and worldwide 12 FT battery

• Double layer construction with foam insulation against hot outdoor condition

• RS485 COM port to transmit alarm signal. Can be remotely controlled.

• Environmentally friendly refrigerant(R134a) without CFC

• Ingress protection class IP55 and 10 years' design life

7. Main Applications

• Telecommunication

• Photovoltaic energy storage system

8. General Specifications