Stored energy solutions for a demanding world

Power Utility
  • 313K(High Temperature)
    2V/12V, High temperature, Cycling & floating
    313K(HTB) series, under name of 313 degree Kelvin, series is High Temperature Battery. With 8 exclusive patented technologies, 313K series provide excellent deep cycling capability in high temperature. 313K series help …
  • REX
    2V, Cycling, Fast Charge
    REX series, under name of Renewable Energy eXtra, is superior VRLA batteries. Excellent deep discharge recovery, fast recharge performance makes REX series more cost effective than nearest equivalent. REX series i…
  • Eos
    2V, AGM, Standard
    Eos series, under the name of “God Eos”, is a most typical 2V large capacity VRLA battery in Narada, it has four generations and widely implemented in field where large batteries needed. With patent terminal sealing, L…
  • OPzV
    2V, Tubular Gel, Cycling
    Ares(OPzV) series, under name of “God Ares”, is traditional tubular gel battery widely used in all kinds field. Ares series provide excellent deep cycle, recovery performance and high level reliability think to the conser…