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Home & Commercial Energy Storage

Solar energy systems are becoming a vital part of our overall energy picture. Roof-mounted solar panels create energy instantly from the sun’s rays. However, some of this energy is not immediately required and the excess can be saved to battery a storage. This surplus energy can be used at another time when the sun is not shining. The stored energy can also act as an emergency backup in the case of main’s failure. 

When considering energy storage system solutions, the battery life and safety features are critical. This is why the NARADA solution comes complete with our well proven and advanced lead carbon and lithium-ion phosphate technology in a smart, robust cabinet, providing a safe and secure storage facility.


NARADA HESS working principle

Slave mode with external energy management system (EMS)


1.HESS itself is a kind of energy container;

2.HESS starts being discharged or charged by the instruction of an external energy management system (EMS);

3.HESS itself only monitors and protects itself from being over discharged or over charged.


1.HESS energy charging is activated once the system has detected by power meter that there is a surplus of energy being uploaded to the grid, while the HESS hasn’t been fully charged;

2.HESS energy discharging is activated once the system has detected by power meter that there is additional electricity request from the grid, while the HESS hasn’t been fully discharged.

Modular Cabinet for REXC Series Lead Carbon Battery Pack


General Specifications

Battery   inverterEnergy storage   systemEnergy storage   batteryRated voltage (V)Cabinet modules
Low voltage HESS4 kWh12REX200481
5 kWh602
6 kWh6REX300482
9 kWh723
Medium high voltage HESS12 kWh12REX2001443
18 kWh6REX3001446
High voltage HESS7 kWh12REXC702285
8 kWh12REXC702646
High voltage HESS24 kWh12REXC2002886
28 kWh3367
32 kWh3848
36 kWh6REXC30028812
42 kWh33614
48 kWh38416
Hybrid HESS for new projects8 kWh12REXC702646
9 kWh2887
10 kWh3368
12 kWh3849

Powerful and Reliable.

-Battery systems with an overall storage capacity of 4 kWh to 48KWh

-Wide energy storage voltage level from 48V to 400V, the higher the voltage the higher the efficiency

-Large number of charge-discharge cycles and a long service life

-Proven, reliable, industrial-quality battery technology  

-Can be retrofitted for manually connectable emergency power supply

Efficient and Cost-cutting.

-Simple assembly without special tools

-Low maintenance requirements 

-Simple upgrading for current PV plants

Modular Cabinet— Lithium-ion Phosphate Battery Pack


Narada Home & Commercial ESS Cases

1- Italy Commercial ESS project

   1433733115623358688C.jpg 1433733203433502C04E.jpg

2- Australia HESS Project

   14337346975109168A5D.jpg 143979914686338911DC.jpg

3- United Arab Emirates Commercial ESS Project

   1433735123136582pC6A.jpg 1433735173701719CDE5.jpg

4- South Africa Commercial ESS Project


5- Nigeria HESS Project