Stored energy solutions for a demanding world

HESS 48V to 380V, Home Energy Storage System
Range summary

Lead Carbon Battery-REX-C Series

-Breaking through Lead Carbon Technology ensures Excellent Cycle Life and Fast Charging Capacity

-National New Energy Scientific and Technology Award

-ALABC (The Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium) Supported Funding Project


High Efficiency Inverter

- Wide output power range from 6kW to 18kW

-All are three phase inverters

-High efficiency and reliability supported with certifications of VDE-AR-N4105, IEC62477

Technical Features

• Special design for home energy storage

• Lead Carbon battery technology and High efficiency inverter or hybrid inverter
• Battery monitor system (optional)
• Excellent cycle life
• Superb PSOC cycle performance
• Wide output power range
• Modular cabinet design for battery capacity expansion
• High charge/discharge efficiency up to 97%
• On/off grid mode could be customized as required

Main Applications

Ideal for home energy storage solutions

General Specifications
Battery   inverterEnergy storage   systemEnergy storage   batteryRated voltage (V)Cabinet modules
Low voltage HESS4 kWh12REX200481
5 kWh602
6 kWh6REX300482
9 kWh723
medium high voltage HESS12 kWh12REX2001443
18 kWh6REX3001446
High voltage HESS7 kWh12REXC702285
8 kWh12REXC702646
High voltage HESS24 kWh12REXC2002886
28 kWh3367
32 kWh3848
36 kWh6REXC30028812
42 kWh33614
48 kWh38416
Hybrid HESS for new project8 kWh12REXC702646
9 kWh2887
10 kWh3368
12 kWh3849

Narada Home energy storage solution (HESS)