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Narada was Ranked Third in the Global Energy Storage Industry
Dec 04,2017


Recently, Bloomberg relearsed the ranking of battery manufacturers and energy storage solutions providers in the first three quarters of 2017 based on data from BNEF energy storage project database. Narada was ranked third in the ranking all of the world.


Bloomberg was founded in 1981 which is a leading provider of gobal business, financial and economics information. Bloomberg provide key advantages to those important deceision-maker in the world throug it’s strong information, experts and consulting network. It’s data terminal system—Bloomberg Professional Services can consult and analyze real time financial market data, and trade them for customers.


BNEF has tracked a total of 1.6GW operating grid class energy storage project since 2015.


According to the list, the capacity of Narada commercial energy storage power station reached 23MW in the first three quarters of 2017, after Kokam and Sumsung, ranked third in the world. Meanwhile, the total investment scale of Narada reached 66MW in the last three years cause its excellent performance in 2017, Narada has became the sixth largest energy storage solution provider in the world.


The list of energy storage scale in the first three quarters of 2017 which Bloomberg released mainly base on the energy storage project operating scale of the company recently.


By September this year, the energy storage power station project in Narada Wuxi Singapore Industrial Park has been all completed, the first phase of 9MW and second phases of 11MW power stations have achieved overall sales.


This project is the largest commercial energy storage power station project in China so far. it is of great siginificance for Narada to build energy internet, develop multiple and complementary value-added sevice, explore the mode of power trading at the park level, and optimize the energy supply structure.


This project and multiple energy storage power station projects of Jiangsu Aike, Tiangong International, Lanjinglijia are running well. Those projects produced the expected electricity income, the follow-up projects will be completed and put into operation.


Narada has been marketed commercial energy storage power station by the mode of “investment + operation” in recent two years.


Narada constantly strengthen the comprehensive ability of providing systemic solution for cutomers, innovating business models and promoting the strategic transformation and upgrading of enterprises with it’s industry leading technology. And gradually realize the transformation from traditional product sales to provide systemic solutions, then turn into the business mode of provide operational services, and occupy the commanding point of the global energy storage industry.