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The Smart Energy Storage Platform of Narada list Factory Internet of things and Industrial Internet Demonstration Projects 2017 of Hangzhou
Dec 15,2017


In addition to setting up a selection committee composed of senior experts in the industry, the selection activity of the "Factory Internet of Things and Industrial Internet Demonstration Projects" is based on a large amount of data collection and carries out data center projects based on in-depth analysis reports. The actual assessment of the site to ensure that the selection process is complete and comprehensive, truly bring together the expertise of elites in different fields. The city's final total of seven projects list.


The list is a great acknowledgment of Narada's innovation in energy storage field and full recognition of Narada's efforts to promote the integration of information and industrialization.


The industry generally believes that the key element of the Internet of things is based on modern information technology, network communication technology, knowledge management and continuous management innovation as the basis, to establish a rapid response to user needs as the core business model.


Taking the Smart Storage and Remote IoT Platform of Narada and its application projects as an example, the project platform brings together distributed energy storage system data to public cloud platforms through the IoT intelligent data acquisition interface, and achieves energy management with each energy storage station System seamless docking. The platform can monitor the running status of energy storage plants in real time, quickly find and track faults. To achieve centralized monitoring and efficient management, to provide customers with more secure and reliable operation and maintenance services.


Narada is the first commercialization of large-scale energy storage operators in the country.

Since 2016, the "investment + operation" energy storage system commercialization mode of Narada has entered an accelerated expansion period. The new system solutions have been introduced continuously and the target users and application markets have been continuously expanded. Through the application of smart energy storage remote IOT platform, the equipment failure rate of Narada storage power station was reduced from 2% to 2 ‰, service response speed increased from 24 hours to 2 hours, active service rate increased from 50% to 99%, storage and operation of power plant costs are also significantly reduced.


The project platform enables Narada to realize its leap-forward industrial transformation from providing only energy storage products to providing products as well as providing system and operation and maintenance services.


At present, the platform has served 71 storage energy plants with a total installed capacity of 808MWh.