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Narada signed a cooperation agreement with the National Energy Marine Nuclear Power Platform Technology R&D Center
Apr 20,2018

Narada has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with National Energy Marine Nuclear Power Platform Technology R&D Center to cooperate in the fields of marine nuclear power platform national special projects, integrated energy services, and national science and technology projects a few days ago. 

Chen Gang, Director of National Energy Marine Nuclear Power Platform Technology R&D Center, Deputy Director Dong Haifang, Deputy Director Huang Chao, President of Narada, Chen Bo, Vice President Lu Xiaoyang attended the signing ceremony.


National Energy Marine Nuclear Power Platform Technology R&D Center is the first state-level marine nuclear power platform technology R&D center in China. The center researches the important technical issues of marine nuclear power platform. 

Marine nuclear power platform is essentially a mobile and miniaturized application of nuclear power plants, which can provide great help to the supply of electricity, heat, fresh water, etc. in the offshore islands.  

We hope to sign a cooperation agreement to build a platform for comprehensive deepening of cooperation between the two sides, jointly develop scientific research, integrated energy service application and promotion, and market development to achieve industrial technology upgrading.

The cooperation project will help both of us jointly promote the research and development of the national nuclear power platform for the sea, establish and improve the marine nuclear energy industry system, promote industrial development, and help both parties to develop and increase efficiency. We will continue to promote the full range of cooperation contents.

During the meeting, the delegates also had a deep exchanged and discussions on the project’s progress, goals, plans and requirements for the cooperation, and reached consensus on the principles for dealing with related issues.