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The unicorn in the energy storage industry has begun to take shape——2017 industry inventory
Apr 09,2018

On April 3, CNESA(China Energy Storage Alliance) released the “Energy Storage Industry Research White Paper 2018”,Narada ranks the first in terms of installed capacity,power scale and energy scale in China’s newly added operated energy storage project in 2017 that becomes the leader of electrochemical energy storage technology and system provider in China .






Meanwhile, Narada’s installed capacity and energy scale of the newly added electrochemical energy storage project in 2017 all entered the world TOP3 .And the power scale ranks in the TOP5 in the world .





The White Paper systemized and updated the latest news of the energy storage projects of Global and China, market, factory owners, technology, policy .Meanwhile it also predicted and looked ahead the development of domestic and international energy storage market.


With the development of global new energy industry, the importance of energy storage in revolution of energy structure has been appeared. Commercialization of energy storage ushered in a broad space for development


Since 2016, Narada has commercialized energy storage. Through the exploration of Narada, it was clarified that the application of electrochemical energy storage was mature in terms of scale, safety, economy. By the end of 2017, the total contracted capacity of the company's energy storage power station has exceeded 2000MWh, and the scale of operation has exceeded 300MWh, occupying the commanding heights of the global energy storage industry.


In the past two years, Narada has led the revolution of commercial energy storage and made China become one of the most active countries in energy storage in the world.


The prospect of 160 billion dollars makes the energy storage industry worthy of becoming a sunrise industry, and the market growth space will exceed 16 billion dollars in the next five years.


Based on the existing complete industrial chain, Narada will continue to iterate on existing solutions, expand its cost advantage, and promote project expansion more quickly , build the most promising energy Internet .The unicorn in the energy storage industry has begun to take shape.