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MWC18, Narada stole the show
Mar 06,2018


As the most influential mobile communication exhibition in the world, the Mobile World Congress 2018(MWC18)was opened in Barcelona on 26th  February. Narada appeared on the site with The 3rd Generation Narada LiFePO4 Battery System,Lead-Carbon Battery Technology, High Temperature Battery System and so on.

As one of the biggest communication back-up power supplier, the lithium power installed capacity of Narada has reached 200 million US dollars as for now. Narada lithium battery promotion step on top all over the world in the communication industry. The sales scale of Narada Lithium battery for back-up use was keep expanding in recent years, had been exported to over 40 countries. 


The 3rd Generation LiFePO4 Battery System which appeared on MWC18 with the features of small size, high energy density and a wide use of environment. It has passed UL1973 certification which is one of the most authoritative certification in the world. With the global accelerating construction of 4G network and the development of 5G in the future, Narada development Microbox. Which is the product specialized for 5G application.


The REXC series Lead-Carbon Battery also is the hot product on the spot. Narada is one of the few companies in the world which has mastered the core technology of lead-carbon batteries. The REXC series Lead-Carbon Battery which dependent research and development by Narada has high specific energy, fast recharge rates, extra-long cycling life and combines the characteristics of lead-acid batteries and super capacitors etc, the installed capacity of Narada Lead-Carbon Battery has reached more than 800MW. In 2017,ALABC decided to support Narada again, which means the lead-carbon technology of Narada will be more to a higher level.


Narada has been specialized in the field of telecommunication backup power for many years,our products are widely recognized by customers all over the world cause the continuous promotion of technology. Technology and innovation are the keys of development, Narada will keeping innovation and development to create higher value for our customers and provide more green energy for the world.