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Narada Established the Largest Commercial Energy Storage Power Station In the World
Jan 12,2018

Recently, Narada received The Acceptance Statement of Grid-Connected System for the intelligent distribution network power station in Wuxi Singapore Industrial Park issued by State Grid Jiangsu Power Company Wuxi Power Supply Company,which signals this project has been officially approved by the State Grid and will be full capacity operation with grid connection now.


This project installed the first multi-tariff energy meter for energy storage in Jiangsu Province and become the first large-scale energy storage power station that accesses the customer-side energy storage interactive dispatching platform of State Grid Jiangsu Power Company.

This power station is the first project which in accordance with the Client-side Energy Storage System and Network Management Requirements of Jiangsu Provincial Electric Power Company and has been acceptance.

The successful grid-operation of the project will promote the large-scale access of customer-side energy storage equipment to the power grid. It’s not only relieves the peak regulation pressure of the power grid, but also ensures the energy storage users get a reasonable return and achieve a win-win result.

The intelligent distribution network energy storage power station of Wuxi Singapore Industrial Park is located in Xingtai Industrial Park in Wuxi, the total power of the energy storage power station is 20MW, with a total capacity of 160MWH,and a total area of 12,800 square meters.



As the largest commercial energy storage power station in the world, Wuxi Singapore Industrial Park intelligent distribution network energy storage power station which build by Narada has attracted much attention from the whole world since its establishment.

This project received full support from the government and power grid companies in project construction and grid access, and finally operate successfully. The successful grid-operation of the power station marked the commercialization of energy storage.

The energy storage power station is connected to the high voltage side of the 10KV and supply for the whole park. Narada was responsible for the overall investment of the project, provides a full set of technical solutions, construction work and the operation service of the power station.

After the operation of the energy storage power station, it can provide 20,000 KVA load swap capacity to the park every day during the peak hours, not only reducing the load factor of the transformer substation, but also alleviating the expansion rate of the transformer in the industrial park.

This power station provide users with efficient and smart energy supply and related value-added services to achieve energy demand-side management, promote the clean energy production and consumption, improve energy efficiency, and promote the business model innovation in the field of distributed energy and energy Internet of Narada in the future.

The successful operation of the power station marked a milestone breakthrough in the system integration, engineering design and construction of Narada in the field of energy storage.