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The President of Narada, Chen Bo, Won the Award — "Top 10 Economic Figures in China's ICT Industry"
Jan 05,2018

微信图片_20180105154201.jpgRecently, the ICT Entrepreneur Conference 2017 was held in Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing. At the meeting, Chen Bo, the President of Narada won the award — "Top 10 Economic Figures in China's ICT Industry".


The conference was upgraded from the original "Annual Conference of China's Information Industry Economy”,it has been held for 16 consecutive years and has enjoyed a good reputation.


With the global information technology innovation entering a new round of accelerating period, the core technology system of the ICT industry is accelerating the reconstruction. The innovation of single-point technology and single-product innovation is accelerating the systematic and integrated innovation transformation of multi-technology convergence and interaction, and the innovation cycle is greatly shortened. At the same time, the accelerated opening of new formats such as industrial Internet and energy Internet is opening up a strategic opportunity for China's ICT industry to achieve leapfrog development.



Under the leadership of President Chen Bo, Narada Power has been strengthening its technical innovations and market innovations to continuously provide system solutions and comprehensive operation services to the telecommunications information industry, energy storage and new energy power industries.


Narada developed a communication base station energy management and energy-saving system to accurately calculate and assess the health status of the battery, real-time monitoring and data management and analysis of the battery system through the network to achieve long-range battery intelligent maintenance. The establishment of Narada intelligent storage remote IOT platform achieved seamless integration with the energy storage plant management system and achieved the centralized monitoring and efficient management, constantly promote the integration of multi-technology interaction


Entrepreneurs is the key element of industry and business development. This award is the affirmation of the industry's contribution to Narada in the ICT industry. Narada will cooperate with more and more ecological partners to promote the integration of digital economy and real economy in the future.