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Narada Won Bangladesh First Large-scale Lithium Communications Project
Dec 22,2017


Recently, Narada was awarded a bid for iron lithium phosphate battery for a communications operator in Bangladesh with a total order of more than $40 million. Prior to this, most of the BTS base stations in Bangladesh were VRLA batteries. The winning project was the first large-scale selection of lithium-ion batteries for the base station of the country.


If the project is successfully implemented, Narada will further increase its market share in the overseas lithium battery backup communications industry, which will have a positive impact on the Company's future operating results.


Narada has been widely cultivated in the field of backup power for many years, and have a profound understanding on communication backup power supply scenarios and product needs, to provide users with comprehensive, systematic products and solutions with industry-leading technical advantages,.


In recent years, the sales volume of back-up lithium battery products of the Company continued to expand, and the products have been exported to India, Mexico and other countries before the bid.


At the same time, in the open bidding for China Mobile's centralized procurement of lithium iron phosphate batteries for base stations except the tower from 2017 to 2018, the bid amount is estimated to be 200 million yuan. The communication lithium products of Narada has been fully recognized by domestic and foreign customers.