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Hand in hand with Alibaba, Narada porwer continues to set future directions of data center power conservation
Nov 07,2017


Recently, Narada has become the winning bidder and main rechargeable batteries supplier for one of Alibaba’s cloud computing data centers, Athub HB33 and one of GDS’s cloud computing data centers. This marks the full customer recognition and acceptance of Narada’s back-up power supply products in data center related application fields and will hopefully become the important driver of Narada’s back-up power supply business growth in upcoming future.

With the rapid development of Internet and data related business, the demand for data storage and big data has seen a substantial growth. China’s leading Internet companies such as the “BAT” are making consistent investment in the construction of data centers, pushing related coverage and usage to a new level thus creating greater market potential. As one of the most important necessities for data centers, back-up rechargeable batteries will have a predictable growth in demand.

To accommodate the modular needs of future data computer sites, specific batteries’ development should be focusing on higher capacity, longer life, narrower size and better in modularization.

With its independent and leading data center related back-up power technologies, abundant practical accumulation, Narada continues to launch several series of complete industrial solutions such as high capacity batteries for IDC, aligning with the needs of customers from different fields, covering the whole service process including data center batteries design, hardware equipment and project integration.

Narada’s products and services have been successfully employed in large projects like Alibaba’s Qiandao Lake data center, China telecom’s cloud computing center in inner Mongolia, and GDS’s cloud computing data center etc, helping customers to achieve goals of lower power consumptions and higher economic benefits.

Relying on Alibaba cloud as its platform, Alibaba is committed to provide safe and dependable computing and data processing power through methods of online public services, thus making data computing and AI truly beneficial for everyone.

Narada and Alibaba are joining hands in data center business this time. With the advanced IDC back-up battery technology, Narada will help Alibaba in constructing its new generation data centers that are excellent in performance and industrial leading, pushing the realization process of the infinite potential provided by cloud computing and big data, helping the further development of the Internet economy, making Alibaba the paragon Internet platform provider in China.

Narada and Alibaba will advance and deepen their cooperation in different fields like data center business, new energy storage and automotive power in the upcoming future, consistently powering the global development of new energy industry.